5 Things Every Pool Owner Wishes their Guest Would Do


When you are invited to a private pool here is a list some obvious but often neglected do’s.


  1. Offer to bring a snack or side dish. I have hosted many people over to swim and only a few offer to bring food. I always have snacks available if it is in-between meals, but I appreciate it so very much when guests offer a lite dish. Guests love dips and this one is easy and so delicious… Strawberry Salsa Just remember most people do not want glass near the pool when choosing a serving dish. I love these from Target
  2. Bring a towel. Seems obvious, but I am shocked at the  number of people who show up without one. The host will have to wash, dry & fold your towel after you have gone and is that really how you would like to say thank you for the invite? With that said, I am forgetful at times too and so I always have extras for those that forget as a common courtesy. As a matter of fact a monogrammed towel is a great host gift.
  3. Watch your children. If your children have graciously been invited they are still your responsibility. As a host I would not want to correct someone else’s children, but if it came down to their safety I would certainly speak up. Squirting toys are a whole different topic, but if the host doesn’t provide them then consider them off-limits.
  4. Be mindful of the hosts time by arriving and leaving when appropriate. I invited friends over for an afternoon swim and made it known I had to leave town later that evening. It was such a good time, that I did not want to ask them to leave, but I really needed them too. If your host doesn’t give an end time then I would assume a 2 hour time limit. They may ask you to stay longer at that point or they may appreciate your initiative.
  5. If you are invited to a Pool party or a Swim party you are expected to stay in the pool or swim area unless the host indicates the party is indoors as well. I have seen guests come over and take a seat on a couch, turn on the T.V., and remain indoors while the party was located poolside. This is rude. Stay home if this is your attitude or intention.